Nathaniel Price Drawn to Prison Ink on Paper (from polaroids)
Drawn to Prison
2003 (limited edition of 3)
Ink on Paper (from polaroids)
60 x 62 "

In this piece the I walked 26 miles from my studio in the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard at the Southern tip of the city of San Francisco to San Quentin Prison, north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Beginning at 4:00 AM and ending at 9:30 PM, I ttook 333 Polaroid photographs along the way documenting the journey. I then scanned and printed 210 of the photos on a large format archival paper in collaboration with Urban Digital Color. The photos were arranged in a montage (chronologically on the diagonal from upper left to lower right) corresponding with the arc of the journey, which begins in darkness and, as with life, concludes in darkness.
Drawn to Prison