Articles and Reviews

Marie Costello, 'Studio Visit' - Art New England, Volume 41, Issue 2, March/April 2020

Cate McQuaid, " What's happening (digitally) in the arts world", The Boston Globe, April 16, 2020

Greg Flood, ‘As Built’ – New work by Nathaniel Price at Toomey Tourell, Examiner, December 13, 2013,

Joe Eskenazi, The Path Of Most Resistance,SFWeekly, Nov 13 2013,

Amy Rahn, Picturing Pathology, Seven Days: Vermont Independent Voice, December 2, 2009

Julia Wejchert, Allure and Disgust at Firehouse, Vermont Cynic, November 9, 2009.

Riki Moss, Review: Medicine and Mortality,Burlington, Firehouse, Vermont Art Zine, October 31, 2009

David Buuck, Mark: Contemporary Drawings, ARTWEEK July/August 2003, Vol 34, issue 6, pg 12.

Kenneth Baker, From Price’s burned panels, a human form, The San Francisco Chronicle, August 10, 2002
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Alison Bing, Nathaniel Price: Border Crossing, ARTWEEK, July/Aug 2002

Lindsey Westbrook, Border Crossing, San Francisco Guardian, June 12, 2002

Anne Crump, A Case For Space, San Francisco Examiner, July 27, 2001

Tamer Miller, Introduction, (Toomey-Tourell catalogue) 2001

Silke Tudor, Open For Business, SF Weekly, May 25, 1999